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Breakfast with Barry Lee…

Dishing out ample servings of positivity, humor, and community spirit.

I was born in Washington, D.C., and spent half of my childhood in Fairfax, the other half in Hialeah, Florida.  I got a degree in teaching from Florida Atlantic University but ended up in radio when I moved back to Virginia in 1977.  I have enjoyed doing morning radio on WFFV and WINC for 44 years, and have loved the connections with my “extended family” of listeners and co-workers.  What a blessing it is to start the day with a laugh, and to live in a very caring community.  My joy is working and chilling with the family around our cabin and garden in the woods, and watching sports and British mysteries on TV.  I am grateful for the life we have here, and I love sharing the tranquility.


Why “Breakfast” with Barry Lee?

I named my first-morning radio show 'Breakfast With Barry Lee', so I'm going back to my radio roots.  The name also reflects my love of breakfast, whether it's our family's cozy Sunday morning meal or meeting friends at a local diner.

There's magic in mornings ... a new beginning, a fresh start, and a fresh cup of coffee.  So stop by anytime ... the Breakfast With Barry Lee stories are served 24 - 7.


Breakfast with Barry Lee Podcast

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